Friday, April 17, 2009

good intentions


You know the old saying, "The road to hell is paved with good intentions..." Try as I may, I can't seem to get my "weekly" out weekly. Life has kept me busy and my focus in other directions or several directions and it makes it hard to find the time to sit down and commit time on a weekly basis to send out these devotions.

Does that sound familiar to you? We are going to work on improving our marriage or parenting, but our job gets in the way. We are going to diet, but we are too busy with our kids activities. We are going to work less hours, but we need the money. We are going to give more to charity or the church, but first I want to pay off the credit cards. I want to serve more in the church, but I'm too busy with my hobbies. The list of excuses are endless. We supposedly have good intentions, but unless we actually "do" the things we should do, intentions don't pay the bills, save our relationships, or deepen our faith.

Intentions don't save the soul, enrich the marriage, grow the friendship, make the kids feel loved, or don't help the church grow. Intentions don't help us get intimate with God or develop our talents that God gave us for His glory.

There is nothing wrong with meaning well or being a good person, but we limit ourselves, limit God, and miss our potential if we are living a life of shoulda, coulda, woulda. I know I've missed alot of blessings because of my good inentions instead of good action.

I promise my readers(all 3 of you) that I will try to do a better job of balancing my time and continue to write my weasel's weekly on a weekly basis and post them on myspace as well. I may not always achieve it 100% of the time, but I will do my best to be more active and not make excuses.

I also hope that all of us can and will do that in our personal and spiritual lives. Get our priorities in line and not pave the road to hell with good intentions, but pave the road to heaven with commitment, effort, and love.

Getting Intentional, not giving intentions!

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