Monday, April 20, 2009


I heard our Sr. Minister at Central share with people about what they value, and how it shows. The message was really about how much God values us, but it made me think of how our life really shows what we value.

We run our kids from sport to sport or one activity to another, traveling all over the county, state, or beyond to tournaments, performances, competitions, etc...and we give what's left to the church.

We work more at our job than they require or expect and even work or think about work when we are not at work, and then leave little of ourselves to our spouse, children, or church service
Or young people, they focus on sports, band, and every social club or acitivity there is, and come to church when they "have to" or because they know they are supposed to.

It's not just a matter of a person having to stay busy or be active, it's about spending time at what we truly value. If we truly valued our relationship with God, we'd show that in our attitude, our schedule balance, our marriage, how we raise our children, and our service.

What do we teach our children? Be committed to your team or school, but church is optional? What do we teach our spouse or family? My job is more important than time with you? What are we telling God? I appreciate the cross and grace and all, but I'll try to fit you in when i got time? We make excuses as to why we run in the rat race, stay busy, or have our priorities screwed up, but the bottom line is "we do what we want to do" and "we are where we want to be".

Most people have to work, there is nothing wrong with our children being in extra-curricular activities, and there is nothing wrong with us having hobbies, or a social life, but the questions becomes where is the balance? Where are your priorities? What is truly valuable to you?
My challenge for you is for you to model that God is valuable to you and your family. It's more than just telling people you go to church or having morals. It's about your children knowing that God and His church is more important than anything. It's about your spouse, family, employers, and friends knowing that God is the most important thing in your life.

I've heard it said people can see what we value by simply looking at our checkbook or our calendar/planner. Life certainly has more meaning than big boats, trophies, bonuses, appearances, bigger houses, competition, etc....nothing is wrong with these things in and of themselves, but when they become what we value,especially more than God, we're not only breaking one of the commandments(no other God's before me), but we're taking value away from our faith or our relationship with God.

We must always be evaluating and being honest with ourselves about what is our motivation? Why do we do what we do? What's really important to me? Where is God in all this? Just some things to think about. What do you value?

"For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also."
Matthew 6:21(NIV)

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