Monday, April 20, 2009

a Real Christmas Present

A Real Present at Christmas

"God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble."
Psalm 46:1

This Christmas many of us will give or receive many presents. Most we don't need and could do without. But, one of the things I like about the Christmas holiday is seeing so many people in the giving spirit and also being able to give to others myself. There is something meaningful about giving something to someone else.

I think one present we miss or may be missing in our lives is the actually presence of God. This psalm above is a reminder that God is always present. He's not there some of the time, most of the time, or when he feels like it, or when it's convenient, but He is EVER-PRESENT, which means God constant, always, and 24/7 availability to us.

What a peaceful thought to have, that no matter what we go through, we we live, what happens, and what others may do to us, God is ever-present. No matter our struggle or victory, wealth or poverty, sins or service, pain or joy, shame or glory, and everything in between, we can count on God being there every breath, every step, and every moment.

I celebrate God sending Jesus to be born of a virgin, for His plan of redemption to save the world from its sins. I celebrate the birth of the Christ-child, our Messiah and Savior. If it were not for God sending His son as our sacrifice, we would still be in need of a Savior and lost without Him. However, I want to celebrate the presence of God in my life everyday. I want to always remember that truly God is "Immanuel"-God is with us-ALWAYS. Not just at Christmas, but always. Will you recognize God is ever-present this Christmas?

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