Monday, April 20, 2009

Uncontrolled Chaos

Uncontrolled Chaos

One of the things I pride myself in is being organized and structured. I don't think I am anal retentive or over the top, but I feel that being planned, structured, and organized makes life less hectic, less stressful, and helps you mature as a person. I think I'm a better person and minister for it.

Now I wasn't always that way, I don't remember really being that way until i started working in ministry and especially after my military experience in the Navy. It goes to show me that anyone can change when they want to.

The problem with most people who are always late, never organized, and are lazy is because people have always given them permission to be that way. How many times have you heard, "Oh that's just bill, he's always late", or "oh that's just jane, she's always doing things last minute." The moment people are allowed to continue with bad habits or are enabled, they never get better or improve. In alot of ways they get worse.

I know not everyone will always be early or on time, not everyone will have their calendar planned out a year in advance, and not everyone will have a strong work ethic to go the extra mile, however, if you set the bar low, it's not hard to stay there. You've heard the saying, "If you aim for nothing, you'll hit it everytime." It's so true.

We must not give ourselves permission to be lazy or we'll never do anything significant and we'll be a harship to others. We must never give ourselves permission to always be late for everything or we'll carry that attitude everywhere and making others wait on us is very unthoughful.

If our lives are always chaotic then we make ourselves and everyone around us miserable. We must not allow ourselves to be so unstructured or unorganized or we'll always have people on our case constantly and it might effect our relationships, our job, and our health.

Maybe you aren't lazy or late or a procastinator or unorganized, but maybe you allow people in your lives to be that way and they are killing you slowly. You are constantly upset, aggrevated, or angry alot because of the actions of others. Whether our spouses in relationships, with our chlidren, our employees, or even our churches we need to not only not give people permission, but we need to set expectations higher for people and hold them to a better standard.

I think Jesus wants more out of us and He wants our attitude, our work ethic, our relationships, and our lives and interactions to be honorable with a reflection of Him. I think God wants His followers to be dependable, flexible, honest, considerate, and have integrity, character, and always seeking to honor Him in all way say, think, and do. Knowing we aren't perfect, but are made perfect through Him. Striving to be more like Him in everyway, everyday.

We can all do better in our lives to be better in the smaller areas of our lives and to help others become better, myself included. I think God is pleased when we make an effort to become better people and help others do the same. The less chaos the more Christ.

"Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men, since you know that you will receive an inheritance for the Lord as a reward."
Colossians 3:23-24(NIV)

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