Tuesday, April 14, 2009

finding your identity


Have you seen those identy theft commercials on tv by citi? They are pretty funny, but there are real people out there in this world, young and old, who have lost their identity and are trying to find it in so many places that are all wrong.

So many teens do things not because they like them or want to, but to fit in to a group or into an area where they think they'll feel normal, popular, or accepted. Adults are no different, we do it at work, church, ballgames, etc...we change the way we act, talk, or even our opinion in order to be accepted and to fit in, we are having an identity crisis!

Drugs, alcohol, sex, language, internet, are all areas we abuse in order to so call "fit in". We don't realize that in our attempt to be different we are being like everyone else, and in our attempt to be "normal" we are being misled to what is actually normal.

Lying, cheating, bragging, boasting, gossip, slander, etc...are all ways we try to fit in and belong. Most of them lead to worse habits or lifestyles. We even do it in churches in an effort to belong, it's just not in the workplace or school.

We have an identiy theft, but it's satan stealing our idenity and tricking us into thinking we can find it in someone or something else, making excuses and never really making any effort to change.

I think the root of it all is the fact that we don't have a right relationship with Jesus Christ or we are not strong enough in our faith to recognize the truth. If we had a true, right, and personal relationship with Jesus Christ then our identity, purpose, fullfillment, and meaning would be in that and we wouldn't have to turn to other means to try to fit in and belong. At the same time, we don't have to judge, condemn, or belittle others who struggle with identity, but instead love them and help them.

If you want to really fit in and keep or discover your identity, you are not going to find it on the internet, in a peer group, in bad language, abusing alcohol, or using drugs or people. You are only going to find it in God and then if you do find it, you have to protect yourself from the lie that you would be better off fitting in somewhere else.

Find your true identity and truly fit in with a personal discovery or rediscovery in Jesus Christ. Not church, not church events or activities, not religous words or traditions, but Christ alone. Not in people, places, or pleasures, but Christ alone.

"Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever."
Hebrews 17:8(NIV)

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