Monday, April 20, 2009

Starting over

Starting OVER

Starting over can be wonderful and can be dreadful, depending on how you look at it and what it is you are starting over. I was in a dating relationship that ended, which I didn't want to happen, so the thoughts of having to start all over again dating someone depresses me. On the other hand, I just moved this week to start a new job (ministry) in Indiana and was working 2 jobs, so I am excited about my new opportunity.So, depending on what it is you are starting over means the difference in your attitude and outlook in life.

Starting over can be very stressful, hurtful, painful, and agonizing. Starting over can be refreshing, joyful, enthusiastic, and positive. New beginnings are always scary if you do not have any trust or faith in God. New beginnings are an adventure and something to look forward to on your journey if you are sharing them while following God.

Even at times with God in your life, starting over can be tough. Sometimes we need a kick in the pants, a reminder, some Godly counsel from a true friend, or some perspective not our own. Other times we need a hug, an unexpected e-mail or card, or just some encouragement from scripture or the holy spirit.

Either way, I have experienced the heartaches and joys of starting over recently. Sad to lose people I love, but trying to trust God for his strength and guidance. Sad to leave a ministry and family and friends, but excited at the same time to make new friends and start a new ministry that is full-time. No matter what causes us to start over, happy or sad, mad or glad, out of our control or our own choice, new or old, starting over with God is all the difference.

Whether it's relationships, jobs, locations, attitudes, or schools, of our choice or not, we must strive to trust God, seek HIS will, and stay faithful. I hope I can do that and whether you have been through this or will be going through this, and I imagine through our lives we might start over several times in different ways, that you can seek God, stay with God, or trust Him through whatever it is.

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