Monday, April 20, 2009



"Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do? Watcha gonna do when the come for you, bad boys, bad boys."

Last night I got pulled over not once, but twice in the same night, I repeate, I got pulled over by the police not once, but twice. That has never happened to me before? Luckily for me, I had a tail light out and they simply were pulling me over to let me know. The first cop wrote me a warning, the 2nd one after I showed him my warning, let me go. I didn't know I had a tail light out, I would have never known until someone saw me driving at night to tell me.

One thing both cops asked me was, "did you know why I pulled you over?" my answer was "no?" Then they explained about my tail light being out. Sometimes we look at cops as being people who are looking for trouble or who are bored so they look for reasons to give tickets. We also get that sinking feeling in our gut when we see those lights flashing behind us. (I've never gotten a speeding ticket I didn't deserve and wasn't guilty)

However, sometimes when cops are pulling you over it's to help you and to protect you and/or other motorists. It was nice to get pulled over for something I wasn't aware of instead of something I was purposely doing wrong. We need people like this in our lives. People who love us and care about us enough to share with us when they see things wrong in our lives that we can't see or refuse to see.

Sometimes we have things wrong in our lives and we are blind or oblivious to them, and it takes a loving friend or person to "pull us aside" and check in on us and see if we know. We need these people in our lives that will encourage us, support us, and challenge us. We need to be that type of person to our friends and family we love. Police are not only there to write tickets and arrest people who break the law, but they are also there to protect us and watch out for us.

I think God also sends people into our lives to do the same. I think God wants to use us to provide that service to our loved ones. God is all about protecting us in our blind spots and things we ignore, don't see, can't see, or won't see. We should welcome His help he sends us and allow God to use us to help others.

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