Friday, April 17, 2009

Lost in Transition

Lost in Transition

I told someone the other day when they asked me about my job, that I liked it, but it was probably just another job until I figured out what I was really supposed to be doing. They said, "Isn't that all your jobs?". It's frustrating sometimes in life when it feels like we are supposed to be doing something significant and it seems we are doing everything insignificant.

It's frustrating when we feel like our life isn't turning out like we had hoped or not moving at the pace we wanted. My life is not at all where I thought it would be and i've certainly added to my delays, setbacks, and misfortunes, but it's funny, even if the midst of my life not making sense, I feel the calm assurance that God is still in control and that He still wants to use me and can!

Many of you reading this have been there. You got divorced, lost a loved one, got fired, dropped out of school, been struck with a disease, had your kids dissapoint you, or had your friends let you down, both things you've contributed to and things out of your control. At times, many of us have felt like our lives are being wasted, not making sense, or we don't have a sense of calm assurance or peace.

That is when we must Wait! Be patient! and Grow! These are three things that are tough to do, but in order to get back or to the place God wants us or needs us, we must sometimes wait on God, other times be patient with God or ourselves, or sometimes we just simply need time to grow, mature, or grow up!

I feel like the last few years of my life have been wasted, and other times I feel like God is simply using my past mistakes to lead me to the next phase of my life and He will use my past mistakes for future Glory. Maybe He will use your mistakes? Your troubles? Your issues? Don't get lost in the transition, instead be led through it!

"Don't let this throw you. You trust God, don't you? Trust me."
John 14:1b(The Message)

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