Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Past Weasel's Weekly Devotions/Blogs


I have been writing a weekly devotional for several years now, probably at least 8-9 years. It is called Weasel's Weekly. It started as part of a devotional time and then a e-mail devotional for my youth group at the time.

Over time it has grown to include a weekly e-mail list, plus posts on myspace and facebook. People often ask me if I save my weekly devotions, but I don't, but I do have about 3 years worth of them posted on myspace that I am going to start copying/pasting over here to my blogspot so that people can check them out and read them. It may take me sometime to do this, but hopefully I will get them over here, and I hope you enjoy them.

You may not agree with them all or even like them all and Lord knows I'm not the smartest or most theological guy in the world, but I've tried to use my experiences, failures, observations, and lessons and write them out in a way that would help or encourage or challenge someone else. I pray that they do.

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