Monday, April 13, 2009



Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), you've heard of it haven't you? It's when you obsess about something and can't control, like counting numbers, touching items, and worrying about germs, alot like MONK on the USA Network.

I think we are all a little monk-ish at times about things. We obsess about our weight, our hair, what others think of us, and we can take obsession to both extremes.
Some people are obsessed with shopping, while others with sports. Some are obsessed with making their kids be the athletes they were or weren't, while others obsess with their kids never being allowed to do anything with fear something bad might happen to them.

Hear me out, people can obsess about Faith, Religion, and God. God wants devotion, committment, faithfulness, and surrender, He doesn't want our obsession with religion, rituals, traditions, legalism, theology, and "pick your issue" , and we do it in the name of God, but we aren't doing Him any favors.

So many people across our country and so many churches are obsessed and obsessed about the wrong things. I'm seeing how many times I can say obsessed in one article.
Anyways, people get so caught up in or on something and it distracts them from reality, common sense, and most of all grace. People get obsessed with tradition and they hold the church back from reaching new people. Churches get obsessed with members and forget lost people. Preachers get obsessed with numbers and forget relationships. Christians get obsessed with issues(end of times, doctrines, movements, abortion, homosexuality, spiritual gifts, etc) and they forget encouragement, acting out of love, truth, and reasoning.

Knowing God's word and will are imporant. Teaching the truth and being a church that reaches lost people and disciples christians at the same time is imporant. Loving people where they are and helping them overcome sin, struggles, issues, and problems is important. Remaning true to what we know about God and His word, yet learning to compromise our own personal agendas, ways, and thinking is important so we can grow and bless others is important.

Obsession is never a good thing, especially in the church and in the lives of Christ-followers. We have got to stop over-analyzing ever little issue that we hear in a sermon, read in a book, see in the news, or hear from our friends and also stop under-doing our responsibilties of spreading God's love, showing grace, mercy, and sharing the gospel. We need to stand firm in God's word and not apologize for truth, but not misuse or abuse our Bibles or Faith. Some people so obsess with doing right and being right, they don't do anything, that's not good either.

Don't obsess, use common sense. Pray, study, live, and enjoy God's presence, and share the joy of the Lord and knowing the Lord with others. Stand up for your faith, but use balance, discernment, and above all Love as you pursue God and seek Him. Don't be obsessed, be blessed!

"You're blessed when you get your inside world--your mind and heart--put right. Then you can see God in the outside world."
Matthew 5:8 (The Message)

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